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2021, Season in review


We hoped that 2021 would mark a return to a normal but the challenges kept coming and this kept us on our toes.

Despite the pandemic which continues to complicate our lives, our season ended on an exceptional note!


What do we expect in 2022?  We are optimistic that your Club’s future is very bright !

Thanks to our members, volunteers and organizers who had the courage and ingenuity to roll with the punches and just make it happen, we had a very successful 2021 season.

Club spirit is alive and well and it is demonstrated in the paddock at Tremblant where enthusiastic discussions and bench racing continue between track sessions and the end of the day is often marked by the sharing of cold “adult beverages”...

Attendance at our track events exceeded expectations for all our regular events and surprised us all with a wonderful close to the season in our first October event.  Our 2022 season dates are now available on our website, and we hope your enthusiasm and devotion to our sport will continue.

Not without its challenges, our move to the MotorsportReg online platform allowed us to gain efficiencies and streamline our administrative processes.  Will continue the quest to simplify our interactions in 2022 as we continue on our digital transformation and explore new tools.

Despite the evolving restrictions, our social events returned, and we managed to organize a drive which included a visit to Transport Robert’s vineyard at Rougemont where the splendid views transported us to Tuscany.  The owner, Mr. Robert, who is also a BMW enthusiast, greeted us with open arms and took the time to chat with our group about the passion that unites us.

On the SWAG front, we hope you liked the beautiful blue sweatshirt with our new design. We hope you will wear it often to show your pride and to be an ambassador for our growing family of members.

On the “relationships” front, we built new bridges with several clubs including the Alfa Romeo car Club of Montreal who’s members joined us for the drive to Rougemont and will be joining us at the track in 2022.  Be prepared to see some Italian beauties in the paddock this coming season.

Our Instructor training (IT) program continues to be among the best thanks to the loyal devotion of the team.  Thank you Philippe Ouellet and Nik Malo and for your great work.

Our Chief Instructor team of Alan Bellavance, Alain Desrochers and Dov Shapiro pushed us to explore new ways to make our events safer, more educational, and more enjoyable for our members.  We know they will push us even harder in 2022. 

The season was closed off with two wonderful events:


First, the Club held a special lunch to thank our volunteers for all the hard work that they did throughout the season. They are the lifeblood of our Club because without them, our events would simply not exist.  We are always looking for people to join the team.  If you are interested, reach out and let us know how you think you can help.


Second, the Christmas supper which has become a hallmark on our calendar, returned.  This year, we wanted to recognize the exceptional work done by our former President, Henry Wong (aka Henry), and our former Secretary, Norman Miller, (aka Norm). We presented them with a unique tribute to recognize the their dedication to the club. Thank you again Henry and Norm, we hope to carry on your good work.


The Board of Directors is now in the second year of its mandate.  If you have any suggestions or would like to contribute in any way, do not hesitate to reach out to any of us.  

We wish you a great and safe year 2022 and hope to see you all soon!

Your Board of directors

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