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2022, Season in review


It seems like only yesterday that we were kicking off the 2022 season.  It is now behind us and we one year older, our cars are one year older, but our driving sills have improved.  That said, 9 of our members’ fleets are feeling rejuvenated.  These members benefited from the exclusive 2% loyalty discount offered to our members by BMW Canada on their latest purchase.  This program offers a discount of 2% up to $ 2000 on the purchase or lease of a new vehicle.  We expect to see some very nice new BMWs in the paddock next summer.

We cannot talk about our organization without mentioning the excellent collaboration within our wonderful team of volunteers, without whom 2022 would not have been such a success.


COVID is practically a thing of the past and, despite the challenges, we have remained active in all areas and explored new activity areas. 


Our ice driving event was a blast despite the frigid conditions of the day.  Everyone enjoyed a day of slip sliding on the ice and huddling around the warm coffee and croissants.  We will do this again and make every effort to expand participation.


Our training weekend for instructors and instructor candidates in support of the introduction of DrivingEvals in Kirkland was a resounding success.  We will push forward with more safety content in the new year with support from our new sponsors and hope to see you participate in large numbers.


The driving season at Circuit du Mont-Tremblant (LCMT) was relatively uneventful thanks to the excellent collaboration from everyone.  This is just how we like it !   


We strive to continue to offer you, your guests, and your families, safe and memorable driving events at our home track.  That said, Circuit Mont Tremblant is now under new ownership, and we are facing major fee increases which will affect our 2023 pricing.  We expect improvements in the coming years which will hopefully make the increases more palatable...


A relatively large group joined our Summer Drive through the Laurentians and Lanaudière where we visited a public market in Notre-Dame-de-la-Merci and a donkey refuge in Ste-Mélanie.   This was a somewhat unusual event for the Club and did not hesitate to document it with some fantastic pictures: it feels good sometimes to adopt a slower tempo!


On the public relations side, we are rekindling relationships with neighbor clubs within the BMW family (Ottawa, Toronto, Boston) and other old friends like the Audi Club.  We hope his will lead to us seeing new faces at Mont Tremblant and provide us with opportunities to visit other tracks (Palmer, CTMP, Watkins Glen).  We count on you to make our guests, who will be easy to spot with their out of province plates, feel welcome.  Remember that people always remember how they were received and will return the favor when we visit them.


For those in attendance, the highlight of the season was the Christmas party!


According to the feedback from members and the record participation, it was one of the best in recent years!  Even though the food was not spectacular, the facility was great, parking was plentiful, and the drink flowed gratuitously.  Our master of ceremonies did a fantastic job and his enforcer ensured that proceedings were orderly.  


With an excellent season behind us and sound management of our coffers, we were able to offer every person present their choice of our new, 2023 BMW Club swag and best of all, we were thanked our instructors with a special gift we hope they will use to brandish Club colors everywhere they go.


In short, 2023 has arrived and you need to be on the lookout for our emails in the coming weeks. Remember that YOU are the Clubs biggest assets, and nothing helps us grow more than your word of mouth.  So, in person and on social media, tell your friends about us and invite them to join the madness !


Happy 2023!

Your Board of directors

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