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Take Action: Join the Board of Directors

Your Club relies on the commitment and support of members like you to volunteer their time and expertise.  Members willing to contribute, be it as part of the Board of Directors (BoD) itself, or in other roles, help form the very heart of the Club.

As the saying goes; many hands make light work.  Moreover, by joining the leadership team, you will have the opportunity to be even better connected to the sense of community we all enjoy in amateur motorsport.  BoD and Club volunteers have the opportunity to influence all our efforts to improve the Club experience.


The BoD is currently looking for Leaders able to bring their strength to any of three roles:


REGISTRAR – Responsibilities include:

  • Administer Club membership thru (applications, renewals, etc.)

  • Administer event registration thru (applications, cancellations, guests, etc.)

  • Administer functional group membership lists thru (e.g., instructors)

  • Recommend process improvements to streamline membership / event administration 

  • Respond to (or refer) general membership- and event-related inquiries 

  • Support and help manage communications to members and event participants

  • Attend BoD meetings via MS Teams (as required)


COMMUNICATIONS - Responsibilities include:

  • Develop and direct a proactive three-year communications plan on behalf of the Club

  • Oversee modernisation of the Club website’s look and feel

  • Oversee and develop content for the Club website

  • Promote Club activities to increase event participation

  • Assure consistent and up to date communications across media platforms

  • Assist BoD maintaining effective communications with other clubs and BMW Canada

  • Attend board meetings via MS Teams (as required)

  • The ideal candidate would be able to strategically guide development of the Club’s social media presence 


SPONSORSHIP - Responsibilities include:

  • Sponsorship development, recruitment, interface, and relationship management

  • Maintaining effective communication between sponsors and the BoD

  • Provide support to the Communications Leader with respect to sponsored content

  • Attend board meetings via MS Teams (as required)

Volunteers will enjoy the full support of the BoD.  

Your creativity and expertise will be vital to the Club’s growth and continued success.

Bring your enthusiasm and together, we will build the experience.

You can find brief descriptions of each Board of Director role by CLICKING HERE.

Express your interest in any role by contacting our Secretary no later than December 10, 2022 by CLICKING HERE.

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