2019 - An Excellent Year !

Once more, with your support, your board of directors worked hard this past season and the results are excellent: Our membership is the highest ever, and your attendance at our events has been fantastic.


Here are some of the main highlights of the past 12 months:


In February we organized our first wine and cheese gathering at Autochem with M/C the sommelière Edith Bernard; March 16, our traditional sugar shack; March 13, the instructors’ seminar; March 24, the students’ seminar; April 6, technical seminar at WeTune.


Track season was kicked off in the traditional manner at Autodrome St-Eustache (ASE).  This was followed by a mix of group drives and advanced driving schools at le Circuit Mont-Tremblant (LCMT).


At LCMT, we improved the fluidity of the morning tech inspections (thanks Jacques!), improved circulation in the paddock with the help of new signs and held early registration the evening before each event.


The quality of our instruction continues to improve thanks to our Instructor Training Program which is has become recognized for its quality thanks to the extraordinary work of Phil and Nik. 


Our classroom sessions were also enriched by an interesting session given by an experienced and talented speaker, courtesy of Pirelli Canada.


Our traditions were enriched by our Bavarian BBQ parties, held in the paddock at our June and August events.  An event our members are raving about !


Over the past few years, we have managed to give our members more track time by fine tuning the schedule and have succeeded in offering the advanced group 5 sessions instead of 4.


Unfortunately, as of next year, we will no longer hold events at ASE due its closure.  We are however working to add a new event to our calendar in early October at LCMT.  Hopefully, it will contribute to making our winters feel shorter.


Finally, if you have any ideas, opinions or suggestions (Social events, A drive through the Adirondacks, Volunteering on the board of directors, Etc …), please do not hesitate to contact one of the directors.


See you at the Christmas supper December 7, there are a few places available.


Your board of Directors.

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