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Board of Directors

The current board of directors came into office on January 1st, 2024.

  • President: Rachid (Ricky) Hamady

  • Vice-President: Mike Kostron 

  • Secretary: Joseph Marone

  • Treasurer: Ken Chin

  • Director (Driving Events): Francois Leduc

  • Director (Social Events): Marc Gentile

  • Director (Registrar): Mario Gingras

All elected directors share the same voting power and help decide the direction of the Club.

Running a successful volunteer club like ours requires interest, commitment and support from club members like you.

There are many ways to contribute.

If you would like to participate in strengthening our club, we want to hear from you.

More specifically, we are actively looking for help in the following areas:

  • Retaining and recruiting members

  • Organizing social events including outings and drives

  • Co-organizing our driver education events

  • Retention of existing sponsors and solicitation of new sponsors.

  • Communications (Website, Social Media, Marketing materials)

Any contribution from the members, in any capacity would be welcome. 

Bring your enthusiasm and together, we will build the experience.

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