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Mentor Program

The mentor program is our way to ensure a new member feels welcome at our events and is never overwhelmed by the necessary preparations or the proceeding of the day.  During the registration process, you will be asked if you wish to mentor a new member.  


The mentor is essentially the head of the welcoming committee for a new member attending one of our track driving events.  They ensure that the new member receives the personalized guidance and support they need to become familiar with available resources, pre-event logistics, on site logistics and safety protocols. They introduce the new member to other members and key volunteers to promote a feeling of belonging and 


Some of the things a mentor should do:

  • Reaches out to the new member before the event to introduce themselves.

  • Briefs the new member on pre-event logistics and how to prepare for their first event.

  • Gives an overview of a typical day to put the new member at ease.

  • Meets new member at the entrance to the facility and parks near them in the paddock.

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