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Technical Inspection

During a track session, your car will experience physical and thermal stresses much higher than those of regular daily use.  Always keep in mind that mechanical failures will jeopardize your safety as well as that of your instructor and other participants.

The technical requirements for a Driving School are just common sense checks designed to ensure that your vehicle is in safe working order. It is important that all checks are carried out diligently because your enjoyment, your safety and that of others depend on it. 

Preparation starts a few weeks before the event with a thorough technical inspection, carried out by a qualified mechanic.  Doing this two to three weeks before an event allows you the time to schedule and perform any necessary repairs and avoid unnecessary stress. 


If your car fails inspection at the track, you will forfeit the event. (Fees will NOT be refunded.)

Recommended Garages

Several garages have agreed to support our members by performing technical inspections free of charge. We encourage you to use these establishments as they have a thorough understanding of what your car will be put through, are experienced in this type of inspection and have access to the parts you need to keep your vehicle operating at peak performance.

These garages support our members and expect that our members will support them in return.


This agreement is based on the following code of conduct:

  • Inspections are carried out by appointment and you will respect your appointment by showing up on time.

  • If your car passes inspection, the garage will fill and sign your Technical Inspection form free of charge.

  • ​If your car does not pass inspection, they will not sign your Technical Inspection form.

    • If you choose to support them by having them do the work, the inspection is free.

    • If you choose to have the work done elsewhere, they reserve the right to charge for the inspection.

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